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Inca Son Music And Dance of the Andes
Inca Son୩ssion is to introduce & educate people to the riches and beauty of the Andean culture and to preserve the Inca history.
The Inca Son musicians and dancers share their culture in a range of settings, including the classroom through workshops.
These workshops are an ideal complement for units on history, world cultures, Spanish, or the arts.



Music, Dance, and Inca Belief workshops
are available for students of all ages.
Music Workshop:
Students learn how to play basic tunes on Andean pan-flutes know as the siku. They leave the workshop with sufficient understanding of the instrument to be able to advance on their own.  In advance of the music workshop, teachers may receive a little booklet about the siku (double-row pan-flutes) for students. (See below on how to receive one of these booklets.)
  Dance Workshop:
Students pair with a partner to learn centuries-old steps and formations to festive Andean Melodies.
  Lecture Workshop:
Focus is on the traditions, philosophy, knowledge, medicine, religion, values and daily life of this fascinating civilization.   
Cesar Villalobos L., Founder / Creative Director of the group, is a very professional and engaging teacher. He has almost 20 years of experience in giving workshops focusing on Andean music, dance, & culture. He has the honor of having received the 徲007 Distinguished Art Educator in Music Award쯢>from the Massachusetts Alliance for Arts Education (MAAE) for superior teaching, professional involvement, leadership beyond the classroom, and ability to communicate effectively about arts education. He has also received 壯gnitions of Distinction沯m Senator John F. Kerry and Senator Edward M. Kennedy for winning this award.
In addition to these workshops, Inca Son also performs in school auditoriums or other appropriate spaces. Inca Son brings creative and exceptionally talented musicians, who are masters of their instruments; and a company of native dancers (National Folkdance Champions of Peru) that perform dances native to the Andes, as well as Afro-Peruvian dances from the country࣯ast. With their distinctive sounds on the pan-flutes, Inca Son performs both traditional songs, arranged in a unique style, and original compositions on many instruments they make themselves. Each song and dance has a special importance, meaning, or background from many different Andean folkloric periods which are described before they are performed.


Workshops followed by a performance in which the student can take an active role are particularly enriching.


Combining these workshops with a performance by Inca Son is
an exciting and educational experience!
The group has available: professional sound equipment; liability insurance; stage props (colorful backdrops with authentic scenes from ancient Peru); extraordinary collection of Inca costumes & Andean attire; and a very resourceful 塣hers Study Guide.羚nt>
To receive a copy of ﷠to Play the Siku쯩>
or the 塣hers Study Guide奄
please email us at
襩r music is of the highest caliber襹 have become indispensable cultural ambassadors of this nearly lost south American folk tradition.쯦ont> Keith Lockhart, Conductor, Boston Pops
"....Highly regarded in the Massachusetts cultural community, Mr. Villalobos and Inca Son have consistently received high marks by MCC review panels for their excellent work and have been awarded MCC funds to support programs of traditional Andean music and dance in more than 30 Massachusetts' schools..." Mary Kelley, Executive Director, Massachusetts Cultural Council (MCC) 
"....Inca Son was awarded membership on the New England Touring Program roster. Thus the New England Foundation for the Arts supports the activities of Inca Son through grants......the New England Touring Program receives funding from the National Endowment for the Arts, the six New England state arts agencies, and leading corporations and foundations.  Inca Son has earned a reputation as a very high quality touring ensemble. We are proud to be associated with their activities. Furthermore, Mr. Villalobos exemplifies reliability as well as musicianship as an ensemble leader......we have received only compliments about Inca Son's interactions with communities..."
Rebecca Blunk, Deputy Director, New England Foundation for the Arts (NEFA)
"...The many positive evaluations that we received are indicative of the high quality of your performance and the sincere appreciation of the teachers present."   Donald Reutershan, Department of Education, Augusta, Maine
"Your program, enthusiasm, respect for the students, and sheer joy in your music was truly wonderful to see and hear.p; Maureen Costello, Director, The Cultural Education Collaborative
"Don't waste another second trying to decide whether or not to have Inca Son perform in your school.... As a head of school, I was deeply moved by the way our students and faculty embraced Inca Son's music and the culture they represent.  A profound sense of respect for a world far away from Deerfield, MA filled the room, all inspired by an irresistible group pf accomplished musicians led by a very personable Cesar Villalobos. It was undeniably some of the best money we've ever spent on a performance, and I have no doubt that our students will long remember how special it was"
Shelley Borror Jackson, Head of School, The Bement School
"....I have been an educator for over twenty years and have seldom witnessed a more engaging and powerful presenter.  Our students and our school have been enriched tremendously because of the two days we spent with Inca Son and I am grateful that performers of this caliber understand the importance of working with our young audience." Patricia Montimurro, Principal, Robert Melican Middle School
"...It is what society as a whole and education systems in particular need more of."
Roxana Tourigny, Director, University of Rhode Island
"...As students and faculty were filing out of the auditorium I overheard their comments; "That was awesome!", "That was the best assembly we've ever had", "Thank you for bringing INCA SON to our school".  I am sure you have left a lasting message of friendship, pride, cooperation and tolerance that will fill our halls and classrooms for months to come." Dennis Azevedo, Principal, Silver Lake Middle School
"... Our preschool students had learned about Peru, but allowing them to participate in the music and dance was almost like taking them there....They also felt very special to have the opportunity to ask you questions about life in the mountains of Peru. The infants and toddlers also had a great time.....We found your ability to address such a diverse group remarkable and would appreciate your kind presence again some day." Sister Louise Kearns, Director, Julie's Family learning Program, Inc.
"... Inca Son's performance was magnificent! Our students and staff were mesmerized by the sights and sounds.  By the end of the performance, many were up and dancing! Everyone is still talking about the experience." Medina Peyton, Principal, Atlantic City Schools, Sovereign Avenue School
"... Inca Son is a valuable asset to our cultural exchange here at Philips Academy....Mr. Villalobos is an ambassador for his culture..." Mike Ebner, Director, Phillips Academy
"What a happy and glorious two days we had with Inca Son Music and Dance of the Andes!...Not only are the musician's talents and musical skills superb, but their presentation is both impressive and captivating.....As they start their first song, you feel as though you are ina fara away place in the Andes Mountains...I highly recommend Inca Son to any venues and occasions where good world music and culturla diversity are appreciated." Mariko Hancock, Director of the Fine Arts Center, Castleton State College of Vermont
ലue highlight for the children and staff was the performance by Inca Son Your music is simply beautiful and was executed with such grace and style. I was especially impressed with the way you handled the children in grades K through 5 with such sensitivity and understanding. The children were truly engaged by your music and explanations.좾Michelle Little, Principal, Wakefield Elementary School, Wakefield, RI
"As the Manager of Youth Programs at the museum in Washington, D.C., I recently had the pleasure of bringing the group Inca Son to perform for a family program. After running a workshop teaching children and families how to play the pan pipes, the group gave two music and dance performance over the course of the afternoon.  They were wonderful!!.....It is my hope that they....continue to bring their wealth of knowledge and talent to the youth and families of the Unites States." Mieke Fay, Manager, National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington D.C.