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Inca Son Music And Dance of the Andes
.:     Inca Son video "When the Heavens Cry"     :.
Has more than 1,000,000 views!!
  Out of all the Inca Son videos on youtube, the most phenomenal has been "When the Heavens Cry" (Cuando el Cielo Llora), which has been viewed by more than a million people all over the world! Take a look!!
Inca Son Live from Sanders Theatre 05/06/10

"This concert took place..." at Harvard University's historic Sanders Theatre in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the city where Inca Son got its start!

Travel to Inca Son's Native Village! 05/06/10

This video, filmed in the northern Peruvian village of Ascope, Cesar's hometown, features the Director of Inca Son along with villagers. The song Cesar sings "Pueblo Andino," is featured on CD #10, "Return of the Inca."

Native Americans Honor Peru 16/08/07
Before Indian Chief Richard West, Jr. (Southern Cheyqnne), members of Peruvian musical group Inca Son recreated the Sechin Warriors Dance, native to Ancash Province,
Indios de EE.UU Elogian a Peru 16/08/07

Ante la presencia del jerarca indio Richard West Junior (Cheyenne del sur), los integrantes de la agrupacion peruana Inca Son escenificaron la danza "Guerreros de Sechin" del departamento de |/span>ncash,

National Powwow Tampa/06

Cesar Villalobos, director of the music and dance group Inca Son, which performs music of Peru's Andes Mountains, drums for his dancers.


Inca Son At Skipper's Smokehouse Tampa/06

INCA SON is a true Andean folk music band. The three piece team that is in this article is part of a usual 6 piece group that includes dancers and more. With over 10 cd's to their credit,